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Key Gateway Property: Gas Station Corner of Walnut & N Grand Demolished

Posted on 06/02/15 No Comments

Kudos to the City of Springfield & the owner of the property on the SE corner of Walnut and N Grand for demolishing this long-vacant property seen by nearly every visitor to Springfield who comes in through the airport.

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Enos Park Success in Cleaning up Problem Properties

Posted on 11/20/14 No Comments

Congratulations to Enos Park for their recent success using direct legal action against problem property owners living within 1200 feet of Enos Park LLC properties! The lawsuits were filed in mid-August, under a section of the Illinois Municipal Code that gives property owners the right to seek legal remedies if a property within 1,200 feet […]

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ICON Featured in City of Springfield Neighborhood News Oct-Dec, 2014

Posted on 10/07/14 No Comments

Thanks to Abby Walden and the City of Springfield for featuring ICON in their new edition of Neighborhood News for Oct-Dec 2014.  An excerpt is below. Download the City-of-Springfield-Neighborhood-News-October-December 2014… INNER CITY OLDER NEIGHBORHOODS NEIGHBORHOOD SPOTLIGHT Carol Kneedler, Chair of the Springfield ICON, provides some insight and information about ICON and their impact on the […]

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ICON Thanks City Council for Infrastructure Improvements

Posted on 09/16/14 No Comments

Sharon Riffey’s address to City Council on behalf of ICON given on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 Every action has its effect. This is certainly true regarding infrastructure. Thank you Mayor Houston and members of the City Council for the action of passing the ordinances necessary for funding infrastructure improvements. Thank you, Director Mark Mahoney and […]

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Enos Park Sues Problem Property Owners

Posted on 08/19/14 No Comments

Enos Park is once again on the forefront of redevelopment in Springfield, taking 3 problem property owners to court in an effort to get properties repaired, demolished or donated to them for relief from crumbling structures, vagrants, and garbage.  The association has the ability to directly sue the property owners because they own property within […]

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H4H to move to old Furrow on S 6th St

Posted on 08/15/14 No Comments

I’m happy to see Habitat for Humanity will be renovating and moving their Springfield office and ReStore to the old Furrow building at 2744 S. Sixth St, which had been vacant for some time. I’ve donated extra building materials and purchased a few items over the years at the ReStore, back to when they were […]

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MacArthur / Washington Park crosswalk needed

Posted on 07/31/14 No Comments

Kudos to resident Britt Holzmacher, Ward 7 Alderman Joe McMenamin, Ward 6 Alderman Cory Jobe, Springfield Public Works, and the Springfield Park District for finally doing something about the dangerous situation in Washington Park at MacArthur Boulevard. Walkable streets are a valuable goal for all of Springfield, as the vision of the recently completed SATS […]

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SJ-R: MacArthur Boulevard Association success worth replicating

Posted on 07/30/14 No Comments

The SJ-R today lauded the MBA’s work in revitalizing the MacArthur Boulevard commercial corridor, writing, “A healthy commercial district is good for nearby neighborhoods and vice versa. The benefits reach residents, business owners, public schools, government coffers, shoppers and visitors.  Other aging commercial corridors in Springfield face similar struggles, and those who care about them […]

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Downtown needs shoppers

Posted on 07/22/14 No Comments

Kudos to Cardiologist owner Doug Mayol for his thought-provoking opinion piece in the SJ-R today. ICON is in favor of sustainable development to infill the “missing teeth” in our downtown and older neighborhoods. Taking care in planning the vacant block at 4th & Capitol is one aspect, but we can all help by shopping local, […]

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ICON to receive Mayor’s Historic Preservation award for Neighborhood Preservation Efforts

Posted on 04/24/14 No Comments

ICON is honored to be a recipient of the 2014 Mayor’s Historic Preservation award in the Neighborhood Preservation Efforts category. The Awards were presented on Monday, May 5, at the Lincoln Park Pavilion, 1601 North 5th Street, from 5:30-7:30pm. The award ceremony was held immediately after a short reception. Thank you to Mayor Houston & […]

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ICON at Earth Day Springfield on Saturday, April 26

Posted on 04/24/14 No Comments

Join Springfield ICON at Earth Day on Saturday, April 26 from 10am to 2pm! Springfield’s Annual Earth Day Celebration  is a ZERO WASTE event at Lincoln Park.  Bring the family and enjoy food, music and local earth-friendly vendors.  Find out about environmental initiatives taking place right here in Springfield!        

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City Infrastructure Thank You!

Posted on 04/18/13 No Comments

Thumbs up to Alderman Cory Jobe, Alderman Tim Griffin, Mayor Mike Houston, Public Works Director Mark Mahoney, and SCVB’s Fred Puglia for their support of funding for long overdue infrastructure investment in Springfield for roads, sidewalks and sewers.

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5th and Stanford: Zoning Thank You!

Posted on 04/17/13 No Comments

Thank you to Cory Jobe, the Ward 6 Alderman,ICON and Harvard  Park Neighborhood Association for great teamwork in defeating the request for a zoning variance to build a packaged liquor store at 5th and Stanford!” Special thanks to the City Council members who voted ‘No” and Bill Bretz for eloquent testimony on behalf of the […]

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Dave Bakke April 2: Critique of Springfield’s image touches nerve

Posted on 04/02/13 No Comments

ICON supported Dave Bakke when he wrote last week about the lack of pedestrian access at the new County Market on Carpenter and 2nd.  But then he followed up with a second column that includes the kind of big-picture forward-thinking that is near and dear to our hearts.  Instead of supporting a new liquor store […]

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Dave Bakke March 30: Some criticisms of Springfield justified

Posted on 03/30/13 No Comments

ICON applauds Dave Bakke for his column March 30 – we wish we had written it.  ICON is all about making Springfield a better place to work, live and do business – for ALL of Springfield.  Along with neighborhood groups such as Enos Park and MacArthur Boulevard, which have master plans in place for intentional […]

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Creating Inner City Suburbs: Blots

Posted on 03/20/12 No Comments

Read about the process of “blotting” – homeowners taking possession of adjacent abandoned property to expand small city lots into suburb-sized “blots”. Enterprising homeowners are changing the landscape in many depopulated cities, bringing the look of spacious suburbs to abandoned urban neighborhoods.  For less than the cost of an airplane ticket, in some instances, owners […]

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Enos Park Development sells first renovated property

Posted on 07/20/11 No Comments

Enos Park Development, LLC purchased the house at 1129 N. Fifth St. in February of 2011 after it had gone into foreclosure. EPD partnered with Old Neighborhood Rehab to renovate the house and put it back on the market. In less than a month, a buyer made an offer on the property and last week […]

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City hires two code enforcement attorneys

Posted on 07/20/11 No Comments

Kudos to the City of Springfield for hiring two new attorneys who will focus on code violations and enforcement.  ICON believes that one of the keys to cleaning up the older neighborhoods is aggressively pursuing property owners who fail to correct their code violations in a timely fashion. We are also optimistic that  the new […]

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