Kudos to Mayor Langfelder for improved communications and a new round of Ward Meetings

Posted on 08/16/16 No Comments

We appreciate Mayor Langfelder’s increased attention to communication that came out of the 2015 Ward Meetings, especially the weekly emails to neighborhood leaders with street closures and other information.

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The new city website is an improvement over the interim site, but we could use fewer large icons and more simple text links for accessibility and less wasted time hunting for links. A city site doesn’t need to entertain us – we’re looking for info – and usually in a hurry.

It is a big step backwards to lose Administrative Court Dockets since April 27: http://www.springfield.il.us/Departments/CorporationCouncil/AdminDockets.aspx

We do appreciate City Clerk Frank Lesko resuming posting of City Council agenda details: http://www.springfieldcityclerk.com/Government/HowTheyVoted.aspx.

We encourage you to attend the new round of Ward Meetings, tentatively scheduled for September. But we can’t tell you exactly when so you can note them on your calendar – there’s nothing about them on the city website!

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