ICON Monthly Meeting July 25: Comprehensive Plan workshop Neighborhood Leaders

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We will meet on Monday, July 25 at 6:30pm at First Church of the Brethern (upstairs).

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Springfield Comprehensive Plan Workshop

Call to neighborhood leaders: provide input to Springfield’s next comprehensive plan!


Molly Berns, Assistant Director, Springfield – Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission

The Comprehensive Plan sets forth a vision and goals for the future of Springfield, including the land use plan that is consulted when making zoning recommendations to the Springfield City Council.  As such, it is a critically important document that can help preserve the residential character of neighborhoods and attract desirable businesses to commercial areas.

Questions to be Considered at the Workshop Monday night

  1. Help us fill in this blank: “In 20 years, Springfield is a city where ___________?” Tell us what you would like to see and/or be able to do in Springfield that would fill in the blank.
  2. We want to get an idea as to how you value certain things. One way that we get an idea of value is to think about the things we are most proud of; things we want to even show-off! OK, help us a bit with that. In 20-years, if you were asked to show a visitor you thought well of around Springfield, what would you like to be able to show that visitor that would show your pride in the city?
  3. If the Mayor of Springfield came to you and said that he or she would like to advance one project or effort of your choice, with price being no object but it would have to be something reasonable and that could be done in no more than 20 years, what would you suggest that project or effort be?
  4. If you were to be offered the opportunity to receive $500,000 to spend on your best idea to improve the City of Springfield, what would you propose to spend it on?
  5. If you were asked to identify the one place or area in Springfield that you believe needs the greatest attention for improvement, where would that one place or area be, and what would you propose be the first thing done to improve it?
  6. What is the one thing that you like to see or do most that you now must leave Springfield to see or do?

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