ICON Meeting Monday, July 30th

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To ICON Members and Participants

The July ICON Meeting will be held next Monday the 30th at the First Church of the Brethren, Ash and Yale, 7 p.m.

If you missed the Citizens Club program on “Zero Waste” Friday morning, you’ll have a chance to review and discuss some of the main points of that presentation at our meeting Monday evening. Abby Walden, new Director of Recycling for Springfield, will be joined by Joan Walters, moderator of the Zero Waste program and Marie Streenz, Community Relations Director for Midwest Fiber, a privately owned recycling (harvesting) company in central Illinois.

It is this “vision” of seeking “zero waste” that has become an integral part of the ICON Ordinance Review Committee’s recommendations for changes in the current garbage collection process. The following is a quote received from Fred Puglia. “Vision Is the Art of Selling What is Invisible to Others”..Jonathan Swift
This is ICON’s challenge! We must educate and convince 6 aldermen that removing garbage and waste from every residential property is a responsibility of the City, one to be administered and controlled by the City.

Look forward to your input on this extremely important issue!

In addition, Mark Cullen, Corporation Counsel, will provide an update on recent legal action and the huge increase in fines and citations related to boarded and problem properties.


Alderman Joe McMenamin wanted to make sure you were aware of the Weekly Docket Report of Housing cases scheduled for Municipal Court each week, with Ward # location of each address. This is information available to
Aldermen, local neighborhood associations (particularly in older neighborhoods), and individuals that wish to monitor and follow up regarding problem properties in their areas. He is trying to get it uploaded on a weekly
basis to the City’s Web site, to make the Report as widely available as possible to interested groups and individuals. I personal use this report all the time for Enos Park and concur that it is extremely important. Check with
your aldermen to help get this report.