Andrew Proctor – Ward 5

Andrew Proctor Ward 51011 North 6th Street, Springfield, IL 62702

Andrew lives in Enos Park with his wife Heather and their two children, Charlie and Lincoln. He has lived in Springfield for more than ten years and is an active member of the Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association; which allows him the opportunity to volunteer to lawn mow vacant lots and actively participate, along with his family, at the community garden. He is also a member of ICON, Downtown Springfield, Inc, the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association, and the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation. Residing in the Enos Park Neighborhood, one of the oldest areas of the city; Andrew sees firsthand the unique challenges facing the families of Springfield and Ward 5, which led him to decide to run for alderman.

Prior to moving to Springfield, Andrew worked multiple jobs while being a full-time student at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. After college Andrew moved to Springfield in 2004 and was offered a position as a Legislative Research Analyst for the Illinois General Assembly where he worked on legislative and budgetary issues focused on transportation, economic development, and education. Andrew worked with Members of the Illinois General Assembly to craft their legislative priorities and helped them form coalitions to secure passage into law and analyzed and developed annual appropriation budgets covering numerous state agencies. Andrew currently works as Director of Advocacy for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and focuses on coalition building. He works with Members of the Illinois General Assembly, leaders in the business community, labor unions, and local chambers of commerce, to promote public policy issues to create jobs and improve Illinois’ economic climate. Prior to joining the Illinois Chamber he worked for a local chamber of commerce where he worked to form coalitions among key leaders of the local community to advocate together as one voice for much needed federal and state funding for the area’s infrastructure and school construction programs. Andrew will take this coalition building experience with him to city hall as alderman to promote consensus building on the city council to address the needs of the entire city and for the families of Ward 5.

Andrew’s Vision for Springfield
The City of Springfield needs aldermen who can build consensus on the city council to tackle problems head-on and be a strong advocate for their neighborhoods at city hall. As the next Alderman for Ward 5, Andrew will work to ensure our neighborhoods are getting proper police and fire coverage, enact policies to increase safety for our families by pushing for tougher city ordinances on absentee landlords, abandoned property owners, enact local regulation to properly oversee troubled transitional and group homes that are sprouting up throughout our older neighborhoods, and fix our aging infrastructure.

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