Independent Coalition for Our Neighborhoods

Problem Properties: Responsible Property Ownership

ICON supports, promotes and influences public policy to increase responsible property ownership.

Responsible Property Ownership

ICON believes good property owners, good landlords and all of Springfield benefit when property is maintained according to City code and problem property owners are held accountable.

To resolve long-term issues with problem and absentee property owners, the City needs to consistently and proactively enforce problem property laws, efficiently and legally foreclose on problem properties, and register non-owner occupied properties to provide a point of contact for complaints and legal action.

Have a problem property in your neighborhood? Here’s how to take action!

It is important to keep a record of your complaints and to follow up to be sure inspectors have been sent out, that they have identified the violation, and that the violation has been abated and forwarded to City of Springfield Administrative Court.

Specific Problems – Reporting & Disposal Options

City of Springfield lacks one contact point for all problems. Therefore it’s important to understand where to report different problems.

  • Criminal and Illegal Activity – emergency call 911; police non-emergency call dispatch 217-788-8311
  • Housing Violations call Public Works Housing Division 217-789-2167
  • Weeds or tall grass over 10″, garbage in yard or alley call Public Works Housing Division 217-789-2167
  • Solid Waste / large / bulky items near the curb (couches, chairs, mattresses)
    Does it belong to you? Call Habitat for Humanity to schedule a pickup 217-523-2710
    Does it not belong to you / fly dumping? call Public Works Housing Division 217-789-2167
  • Electronics Drop off at BLH Computers, 1832 Stevenson Dr (Extra charge for TVs with tube)
  • Solid Waste in yards, alleys call Public Works Housing Division 217-789-2167
  • Branches City only picks up twice a year, except for storm damage. City residents drop off free Evans Recycling, 2100 J. David Jones Pkwy.
  • Leaves City only picks up certain times of year. Rest of year, you must put them where your hauler will pick them up with yard waste stickers attached
  • Need help getting rid of your unwanted stuff? Visit Springfield Recycling Information…
  • Springfield Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Usually held in the fall at the State Fairgrounds – voucher required. Watch your Weekly Neighborhood News for signups…

ICON Resources for tracking properties

ICON Problem Property Checklist 2024… (PDF)
ICON FOIA Request 2024… (PDF)


Problem Property Ordinances Overview

Springfield, IL MuniCode…

39.12. – Defenses to code violations Ordinance
Amended July 5, 2016

Property owners are fined even if they abate under certain specific conditions within a particular timeframe.
Defenses to Code Violations Ordinance details…

98.06 Chronic Nuisance Property Ordinance
Amended July, 2016 to include code violations in addition to criminal activity

Chronic Nuisance Property Ordinance details…

City of Springfield Administrative Court

In general, an administrative court is a type of court specializing in administrative law, particularly disputes concerning the exercise of public power. Their role is to ascertain that official acts are consistent with the law. Such courts are considered separate from general courts. The administrative acts are recognized from the hallmark that they become binding without the consent of the other involved parties. Official decisions contested in administrative courts can include: taxation, dispensation of monetary benefits, environmental licenses, building inspection, child custody, involuntary commitment, immigration decisions, summary public payments (other than fines imposed by general courts). From

Administrative Court Calendar – Dockets & Actions
Springfield IL Administrative Court is held Wednesday mornings in the City Council Chambers, starting at 8:30am. Sessions are open to the public. The administrative court judge arrives around 10am to adjudicate cases that are liable for fines. These cases are then referred to the Circuit Court.
Click on “mm/dd/yyyy DOCKET” for the date you wish to view.
“Sheet for mm/dd/yyyy Docket” displays at top; click on the download button to download a PDF.
Scroll down to see “Actions for 08/09/2017 Docket” at the bottom; click on the download button to download a PDF. Actions appear about a week after the court date.

Past Administrative Court Dockets and Actions…
Administrative Court Process Flowchart…

Additional Resources

Solving Chronic Nuisance Problems A Guide for Neighborhood Leaders

Civil Injunctive Relief Complaint form

City of Springfield Municipal Code – 98.06.Chronic_nuisances

City of Springfield Procedures for Demolition Of Structure CHAPTER_39.___ADMINISTRATIVE_ADJUDICATION_HEARINGS

Crime Free Addendum to Lease Agreement Addendum Elgin_201207111021169319