ICON Aldermanic Forum Monday, January 26, 2015

Springfield ICON held a Citywide Public Aldermanic Forum on Monday, January 26 from 6:30 to 9 pm at the Dove Center, St. John’s Hospital.

Forum Voting Tally…
Election Forum minutes…
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ICON’s Aldermanic Forum provided an opportunity for Springfield residents and ICON members to get to know Aldermanic Candidates for the City of Springfield and to evaluate candidate positions on issues of importance to older neighborhoods.

Due to the large field of candidates and the time constraints of such a public forum, the issues, questions and process were pre-defined:

Aldermanic candidates were provided a list of issues prepared by the members of ICON and partner organizations. A moderator introduced each issue, and representatives from member and partner organizations posed 11 questions to the candidates. Candidates voted, and then candidates had an opportunity to briefly explain their position.

A candidate report card will be published summarizing the positions of candidates along with candidate biographies and their vision for Springfield.

You can make a difference – get educated, get involved – all it takes is 6 votes!

The forum was hosted by:

Downtown Springfield Inc.
Springfield ICON Downtown Springfield Inc.
Springfield SDAT MacArthur Boulevard Association
SDAT, Springfield Sustainable Design Assessment Team MacArthur Boulevard Association

ICON’s Mission

ICON’s mission is to improve the quality of life
for Springfield residents in inner city older neighborhoods.
View or download a list of City of Springfield Candidates…