Independent Coalition for Our Neighborhoods

ICON Monthly Meeting July 30, 2018

We will meet on Monday, July 30, 2018 at 6:30pm at First Church of the Brethern.

ICON Business

  • Minutes from last month’s meeting (will be approved by consent unless there are changes): 6-25 Membership Meeting.
  • Vote on changes to bylaws:
    UPDATE: Changes were approved at the meeting.
    View our current Bylaws on our About page…

    • Article V – Meetings
      Information about the regularly scheduled meetings for the next calendar year shall be provided verbally at the December annual meeting.
    • Article VI – Steering Committee
      The Steering Committee of SPRINGFIELD ICON PAC shall be chosen in a general election before December 31 of each year.


  • We will be forgoing a speaker this month in order to discuss the January Aldermanic forum and solicit questions from the membership.

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