ICON Monthly Meeting Monday October 24, 6pm

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Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. ICON Annual Meeting and Dinner
    Monday, November 28, 6pm at Maldaner’s Restaurant
    Each ICON member’s dinner ticket is paid.
    Each recipient of a Good Neighbor Award receives two paid dinner tickets.
    We hope Members and Good Neighbor awardees bring additional friends and family!
    Tickets for additional dinner attendees only $25!
  3. 2023 Steering Committee Elections
    The election of ICON 2023 Steering Committee Members will be at the Annual Meeting on November 28.
    Elected Steering Committee members will assume their offices on January 1, 2023.ICON Steering Committee – Proposed Slate 
    Chair, Mark Mahoney, 2023-2024 (2-year term)
    Vice Chair, Jill Steiner, 2023-2024 (2-year term)
    Treasurer, Donna Mathis, 2023-2024 (2-year term)
    Secretary, Jan Von Qualen, 2023-2024 (2-year term)
    At Large (odd year), Polly Poskin, 2023-3024 (2-year term)
    At Large (odd year), Kurt DeWeese, 2023-3024 (2-year term)
    At Large (even year), Jamie Adaire, 2022-2023 (2-year term)
    At Large (even year)
    Committee Chairs
    Budget Chair, vacant
    City Council Chair, vacant
    Events Chair, vacant
    Problem Properties Chair, vacant
    Interested in serving on the ICON Steering Committee? Call or email Polly at
  4. Good Neighbor Awards
    Please submit your nominations by November 1 at https://springfieldicon.org/good
    Awards be presented at the Annual Meeting on November 28.
    The Steering Committee will select winners before the Annual Meeting in each of four categories:
    – Individual
    – Organization
    – Business
    – Public Service
  5. ICON transition from current status as a Political Action Committee (PAC) to Non-Profit Organization
    The ICON Steering Committee recommends that ICON Membership approve that the Steering Committee proceeds with discussions to determine if it is in the best interest of ICON to transition from a PAC to a Non-Profit Organization and bring such discussions in the form of a recommendation to the Membership no later than January 30, 2023.
  6. ICON 2023 Membership meetings
    Last Monday of the month IN-PERSON
    First Church of the Brethren
    2115 Yale Blvd
    Springfield, IL 62703
  7. New Business
  8. Old Business

Election at Annual Meeting in November

At the ICON Annual Meeting in November 28, an updated slate of officers to take effect January 1, 2023 will be voted on.

ICON by-laws

Any vacancy occurring among the Steering Committee of SPRINGFIELD ICON PAC prior to the end of their terms shall be filled by a plurality vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The term filled by any vacancy shall expire at the next general election of the Steering Committee. However, should the Chairperson vacate that position, the Vice-Chair shall fill the position for the remainder of the Chairperson’s term and a new Vice-Chair shall be elected at the next regularly scheduled meeting.