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July Meeting Hightlights

July 25th Meeting Highlights:

Another great meeting with a lot of input from a lot of people.

Bill Logan, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, provided an update on the meeting with the mayor and aldermen Jobe, Simpson, and Turner, regarding the ICON proposals to eliminate problem properties. With the appointment of Mark Cullen as Corporation Counsel, city legal will now start to review the recommendations.

Kent Gray, an attorney for a number of smaller communities in the area, identified a strategy to reduce the number of problem properties in the neighborhoods. He emphasized enforcement is the key to resolving most problems.

Paula Zink, housing inspector, encouraged grassroots involvement in reporting problems. The neighborhoods are the eyes and ears for identifying and reporting the problems. She encouraged everyone to add the following number to their cell phones and use it every time they see garbage, trash, or other problems. 789 2167

We also had Paul O’Shea, City Planning, Sheila Stock Smith, mayoral candidate, Chris Boyster, County Board member, Rick Davis, Lake Area Disposal, and Mike Seitz, Illini Disposal, participate in the review of solutions to problem properties and initial discussions about the city’s garbage collection program.

Polly Poskin provided an excellent review of the history leading up to the current collection program and its policies. We will continue to discuss this issue at our next meeting. The ICON Ordinance Review Committee will start to do some research on ordinances, programs and policies of collection programs of other cities.

I am still looking for members who can make a commitment to attend City Council meetings on a regular schedule. Please let me know which Tuesday of each month you can attend. First and third our regular Council meetings, 2nd and 4th our Committee of the Whole. The 3rd Tuesday meeting is preceded with a review of zoning issues. Check website for agenda

If you haven’t hear from your NPO or housing inspector lately, give them a call! Let them know you want to help!



494 6668

Welcome to Springfield ICON


P.S. Historic West Neighborhood is hosting a free ice cream social this Thursday, July 28th, starts 7 p.m. at Douglas Methodist Church (Douglas and Governor Streets). Come early before its gone!

Also check attached website for Regional Neighborhood Network Conference, September 22-24 in Cincinnati

Enos Park sent two reps last year. Great experience, lots of good ideas. Michelle Higginbotham will be on program this year.