Neighborhood Association Support

Strong neighborhood associations support ICON’s mission to improve quality of life in Springfield’s neighborhoods.

Neighborhood associations represent an area of the city where residents and business partners share common goals. A good neighborhood association can have a significant positive influence on the quality of life in a neighborhood.

One of ICON’s primary focus areas is supporting Neighborhood Associations within Springfield.

Services to Neighborhood Leaders and Neighborhood Associations

Here are some ways ICON supports neighborhoods and neighborhood leaders.

  • ICON supports neighborhood leaders and acts as a source of knowledge about what works for neighborhood associations.
  • ICON provides support at City Council for various issues, such as zoning.
  • ICON provides support by writing letters for specific issues.
  • ICON provides education and assistance on specific issues.
  • ICON advocates for public policy changes to benefit neighborhoods. Focus areas for advocacy include:
    • Responsible Property Ownership
    • Neighborhood friendly zoning
    • Cleaner city
    • Electing visionary city leaders

Start a Neighborhood Association

ICON supports groups forming new neighborhood associations.

Get your Neighborhood Association Listed & on the City Contact List

Register your Neighborhood Association

  1. URL of your association website; Facebook page name.
  2. To list any regularly scheduled meetings on the City website:
    1. Day or Dates (i.e. first Wednesday of the month; June 14 & September 8)
    2. Time
    3. Location
  3. Geographic boundaries: outlying streets that encompass your association coverage, if possible. This will help us better understand Ward coverage and if residents share concerns about issues, to know if an association is aware or can provide additional information.

City Wards and Neighborhood Associations

Get informed and involved with your city leaders