ICON Host Candidates at Holiday Meeting

 The December ICON meeting was held before the Holiday Season to meet and greet candidates for the April 5th city elections. There where over sixty attendees including three mayoral and six aldermanic candidates including the following


            Mike Coffey

            Mike Houston

            Sheila Stocks-Smith


            Cameron Courts

            Mike Higgins

            Cory Jobe

            Joe McMenamin

            Ryan Tozer

            Doris Turner

 ICON is working with the Citizen’s Club to coordinate a series of mayoral and aldermanic forums. ICON will also help coordinate meetings of the neighborhoods within each Ward.

 The ICON Ordinance Review Committee is comparing ordinances from Rock Island, Peoria, and Decatur regarding rental property registration, nuisance abatement, boarded property, foreclosure procedures, and garbage pickup. These issues will represent the platform to be presented to the candidates for their review.