Independent Coalition for Our Neighborhoods

ICON Annual Meeting Monday 12/17 – Suzy Qs

To ICON Members and Participants

Remember Monday, Dec 17th, 5:30 p.m. at Susie Q’s.  We’ll have a supper get together to end a very busy year – a $10 plate diner and election of Steering Committee positions open for the coming year.

Please RSVP to confirm a seat at the table!

Steering Committee slate
Steve Combs, President
Michelle Higginbotham, Vice President
Karen Jacobs, Parliamentarian
Polly Poskin

Steering Committee members not up for re-election:
Bill Castor, Treasurer
(Carol Kneedler and Jamie Adair will switch roles, with Carol taking on responsibilities of Secretary.)

Garbage Update
Since our last meeting Mayor Houston has presented a revised ordinance which the members of your Steering Committee have supported public in a press release (attached) and a presentation by Carol Kneedler at the last Committee of the Whole meeting. The ordinance falls short of our original recommendations to Jobe, Turner, and Mahoney but we felt it was at least in the right direction. The Tuesday following our meeting the council will continue debate and vote on the ordinance (ie increase waste and recycling fees to $1.50 a month and collect fees thru CWLP).

Regardless of how the vote comes out, your current Steering Committee is ready to “fight the fight” over the next two years if we have too! Two more years and aldermen will be up for election.


494 6668

If you haven’t joined ICON for 2013 please Springfield-ICON-Membership-Application and come with $30, $20 for membership, $10 for diner.