ICON Ash Street Cleanup November 4, 2017 – keeping neighborhoods clean and healthy

Springfield ICON worked together to clean up Ash Street from 11th St to 18th St. on Saturday, November 4, 2017.

Those were some formidable folks:  They ignored the mist at 7:30-8am and said, “Let’s start (thanks, Megan!).  The mist subsided and 7 of us went from 11 St to 18th St. along Ash St.

Bill, Megan, Geoff, Chris, Mindy, Curt, and Polly worked for 2 hours.  Three different neighborhoods were represented–Lincoln Park, Iles Park, Harvard Park.  Harvard Park’s Jamie Adaire would have participated, but had a family funeral that morning.

Thanks for the donuts, Bill!

ICON is making a difference in our neighborhoods!