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ICON Endorses Neighborhood-Friendly Candidates for 2019 Springfield IL Elections

ICON PAC endorses this candidate for Springfield, IL 2019 election

Springfield ICON PAC endorses the following candidates for Springfield, Illinois Municipal public office for the 2019 Consolidated General Election on April 2, 2019:

City Council

Springfield ICON endorses T. Ray McJunkins for Ward 1 City Council for Springfield, IL.

Ward 1: T. Ray McJunkins

… a founder of the Faith Coalition for the Common Good; familiar with older neighborhood issues; supports garbage reform …

Ward 1 – T. Ray McJunkins

Springfield ICON endorses Gail Simpson for Ward 2 City Council for Springfield, IL

Ward 2: Gail Simpson

… experienced long-time supporter of neighborhood issues, particularly related to problem properties; Gail has a vision for Springfield …

Ward 2 – Gail Simpson

Springfield ICON endorses Alderwoman Doris Turner for Ward 3 City Council for Springfield, IL

Ward 3: Alderwoman Doris Turner

… experienced; a record of supporting neighborhoods; sponsored the boarded and abandoned property ordinance; supports balanced development; 2016 winner of ICON Good Neighbor Award …

Ward 3 – Doris Turner

Springfield ICON endorses Alderman John Fulgenzi for Ward 4 City Council for Springfield, IL

Ward 4: Alderman John Fulgenzi

… an ICON supporter on key votes with an independent perspective …

Ward 4 – John Fulgenzi

Springfield ICON endorses Alderman Andrew Proctor for Ward 5 City Council for Springfield, IL

Ward 5: Alderman Andrew Proctor

… sponsored multiple ICON initiatives for responsible property ownership; supports garbage reform, a full-time City Planner, and infrastructure modernization …
Ward 5 – Andrew Proctor

Springfield ICON endorses Kristin DiCenso for Ward 6 City Council for Springfield, IL.

Ward 6: Kristin DiCenso

… very responsive to constituent concerns; outstanding communication; works hard to support neighborhood associations; sponsored Welcoming City resolution …

Ward 6 – Kristin DiCenso

Springfield ICON endorses Joe McMenamin for Ward 7 City Council for Springfield, IL.

Ward 7: Joe McMenamin

… proven record of support for ICON issues; embodies fiscal restraint, integrity and hard work; a well-researched, independent voter; supports increased transparency for housing violations and boarded properties; supports sewer infrastructure upgrades; ICON Good Neighbor Award 2017 …

Ward 7 – Joe McMenamin

Springfield ICON endorses Erin Conley for Ward 8 City Council for Springfield, IL.

Ward 8: Erin Conley

… founding member and president of Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association; an experienced and dedicated public servant, well-educated on issues; willing to reach out and listen to constituents; supports balanced development, diverse housing and improvements to garbage collection …

Ward 8 – Erin Conley

Springfield ICON endorses Jim Donelan for Ward 9 City Council for Springfield, IL.

Ward 9: Jim Donelan

… understands older neighborhood issues; responsive to constituents; protective of citizen input; supports the Welcoming City resolution …

Ward 9 – Jim Donelan

Springfield ICON endorses Robert Patino for Ward 10 City Council for Springfield, IL.

Ward 10: Robert Patino

… well-educated on issues, with a wide range of experience; willing to reach out and listen to constituents; creative economic development ideas; supports reasonable development …

Ward 10 – Robert Patino

City Officers

Springfield ICON endorses Jim Langfelder for Mayor for Springfield, IL.

Mayor: Jim Langfelder

… for his support for a new comprehensive plan for land use, which, if followed, would deliver the compact, contiguous smart growth that is essential to creating a stronger, healthier city …

Mayor – Jim Langfelder

Springfield ICON endorses Rianne Hawkins for City Clerk for Springfield, IL.

City Clerk: Rianne Hawkins

… past experience in the City Clerk’s office; dedicated to transparency, better FOIA process, and technical improvements in providing information to constituents; history of ICON participation …

City Clerk – Rianne Hawkins

Springfield ICON endorses Misty Buscher for Treasurer for Springfield, IL.

Treasurer: Misty Buscher

… strong banking background; a proven record of technical and fiscal improvements and transparency in the Treasurer’s office …

Treasurer – Misty Buscher

Municipal Election News

Springfield Daily covered ICON’s Endorsements Live!

Springfield DailyICON announces 2019 endorsements

By Thomas Clatterbuck
Published March 19, 2019

Springfield ICON has announced their endorsements for the upcoming municipal election. ICON (Inner City Older Neighborhoods) based their decision on both written responses to their questionnaire, as well as their candidate forums held last month.

Identifying the issues facing Springfield and having plans to address them were key for endorsements. But ICON Chair Carol Kneedler said that having a positive outlook on these issues was important as well. Springfield does have its problems; but overemphasizing them is a problem in its own right.

Illinois TimesICON endorses in city races

Read more at…

State Journal-RegisterSpringfield ICON endorses Langfelder, other candidates

By Brenden Moore, Staff Writer
Posted Mar 18, 2019

Springfield ICON, a group that advocates for the city’s older neighborhoods, endorsed a mix of incumbents and newcomers on Monday for city offices in the April 2 election….

“Some candidates have promoted a negative view of Springfield and it would be easy to fall into despair over budget constraints, bureaucracy, lack of enforcement for dilapidated properties, lack of comprehensive garbage service and the very real cost of sprawl,” said ICON chairwoman Carol Kneedler. “But one great thing about civic participation and community engagement is that you get to know that there are really good people working hard to make the best decisions possible, to do the right thing, to serve all the citizens of Springfield.”

The group said two major issues they hope city leaders tackle in the new term are reforming the city’s garbage collection system and addressing the preponderance of problem properties….

In the case of Langfelder, Kneedler lauded the mayor for being “instrumental” in starting the process that led to Springfield’s 2017-2037 Comprehensive Plan….

Kneedler said, however, that Langfelder could focus more more on development in the older neighborhoods and that ICON supports the hiring of a city planner, a position Langfelder does not support.

Read the full article at…

ICON’s Election 2019 Aldermanic Candidate Forums in the News!

Springfield IL Municipal Candidates for Election April 2, 2019

Springfield IL Aldermanic Candidate Forums Feb 6 and Feb 7, 2019

On March 18, 2019, Springfield ICON PAC endorsed the candidates for Springfield, Illinois Municipal public office for the 2019 Consolidated General Election on April 2, 2019.
On March 18, 2019, Springfield ICON PAC endorsed the candidates for Springfield, Illinois Municipal public office for the 2019 Consolidated General Election on April 2, 2019.