ICON Featured in City of Springfield Neighborhood News Oct-Dec, 2014

Thanks to Abby Walden and the City of Springfield for featuring ICON in their new edition of Neighborhood News for Oct-Dec 2014.  An excerpt is below.

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Carol Kneedler, Chair of the Springfield ICON, provides some insight and information about ICON and their impact on the community.

What is ICON?
The Springfield ICON, Inner City Older Neighborhoods, is a group of neighborhood leaders and participants that come together to discuss issues and problems affecting our neighborhoods, such as: zoning issues, problem properties, weeds, and trash. It began as a group with similar concerns over the 3rd St. Railway location. The participants saw the benefit of working together and continued to meet and work on other issues.

ICON’s mission, To improve the quality of life for Springfield residents in the inner city older neighborhoods, is a big task, how do you work toward this?
ICON believes that to make any real change, we must be involved in the political process. Our old motto, “All it takes is six votes” can attest to that. With six council votes, change happens. Education and participation amongst residents is really key; it all starts here.

How is ICON helping neighborhoods and their residents participate in the next election cycle?
We will be holding mayoral and aldermanic forums. This is an informal meeting where we as residents can really talk to the candidates and get to know their stance on issues that directly affect us. Mayor Houston will be joining us on November 29, to share his thoughts on the City’s progress and his plans for the future.

How can residents and neighborhood groups get involved with ICON?
They can find information on our website, www.springfieldicon.org, email or come to one of our meetings. Typically, we meet the last Monday of the month, but it is best to check the website to be sure. We encourage others to participate, regardless of whether or not their neighborhood has a formal association. Our meetings are free and open to the public.


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