ICON Monthly Meeting June 27th 7pm

The Monday, June 25th meeting will be held at the Assisi Conference Center in the Main building of St John’s Hospital. The Assisi Center is right next to the hospital library. There is convenient parking in the garage at Carpenter and North 9th Street.

We are anticipating a number of aldermen will attend and review with us the proposal to eliminate problem properties. The recent SJ-R article was related to the 1st of three phases the ICON Ordinance Review Committee has recommended be implemented to help eliminate problem properties in our neighborhoods. The other two dealing with registration of rental property and foreclosure are yet to be introduced.

Mayor Houston reconfirmed his campaign commitment to eliminate boarded properties at Friday’s Citizen Club meeting. The process he outlined was identical to what we have reviewed and supported at our ICON meetings over the last 12 months. I am optimistic that with his leadership and the council’s support most, if not all, of our concerns will be addressed.

If we have enough time Monday, I would also like to start a review of your ideas on how to best resolve the issue of garbage collection. I want to use our points of discussion for the Ordinance Review Committee to prepare some initial recommendations for our next meeting in July.

And finally we want to identify ICON members who will attend City Council meetings on a regular basis to speak on behalf of ICON and/or their neighborhood associations. We have had five aldermen actively participate in our meetings, we need to actively participate in theirs!

Meeting starts at 7 p.m. Come prepared to get involved.