Independent Coalition for Our Neighborhoods

ICON Officers Elected

November ICON PAC Meeting

ICON members unanimously confirmed the slate of officers recommended by the temporary Steering Committee. The ICON PAC officers for the next two years are

            Steve Combs, Chairman

            Michelle Higginbotham, Vice Chairman

            Jamie Adair, Secretary

            Bill Castor, Treasure

            Jen Aholt, Parliamentarian

The temporary Steering Committee recommended the addition of two (2) at large members. Steve asked Bill Castor to Chair the By Laws Committee and prepare changes to the by-laws for approval by the ICON membership. After discussing the current definition of a member, as relates to resident of Sangamon County versus Springfield, the By Laws Committee was asked to review this qualification. The group unanimously approved a recommendation to have a $20 individual membership fee, a $30 family membership, and a $200 life membership. Fourteen individuals purchased their membership (12 individual and 1 family) at the end of the meeting

Following a lengthy and productive discussion of the first step needed to resolve problem properties (i.e. registration and periodic inspection of rental property) the Ordinance Review Committee was asked to take the various options and prepare a summary report for the January meeting. Points to be clarified included

            1) what constitutes a rental property for the sake of this ordinance

                (residential vs. commercial, single unit vs. multiunit),

            2) what are the specific thresholds from which follow up action will be taken,

            3) what are the time limits and financial structure for violations of the ordinance

            4) what are the cost involved in initiating new inspection procedures.

Jen Aholt was asked to Chair a Candidate Forum Committee to set up a schedule and agenda for a series of public forums to be held by the ICON PAC in the three months leading up to the April elections. The Citizen Club will be hosting a public forum for mayoral candidates February 4th and March 25th. There are other anticipated meetings to be held by individual neighborhood associations.

ICON will invite all candidates to a meet and greet social December 13th at the Vinegar Hill Dublin Pub. A $10 charge will cover Horse shoes and drinks. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. and will replace the normal end of the month ICON meeting for December.

Carol Kneedler announced that the ICON website is up and running. Check it out at!

A good site is one that is constantly changing. That’s your job! Keep providing us new information, pictures, etc.

The next four months are extremely important in formulating the ICON platform for the improvement of our neighborhoods. We have a unique opportunity to not only shape the makeup of the city council with seven contested seats but also the leadership of city administration. Let’s not look back after the April elections and lament the fact we didn’t do enough to take control of the destiny of our own neighborhoods. Join with us by becoming an ICON PAC member. Bring the attached membership registration form with you to the Dec. 13th meeting or send it to ICON PAC c/o Bill Castor, Treasure, 600 E Adams, Springfield, IL 62701