Ordinance Proposal

Below is the list of time lines and fees that are being proposed.

Registration of Rental Properties

30 days to register rental property with the city at the start
of the fiscal year.
Owners contact information required and property
manager’s contact information if the owner doesn’t
live in Sangamon County.

Registration Fee – Free

Late or Improper registration – $500 fine

Correction of external and internal code violations 60 days to correct first violation – $200 fine 60 days to correct 2nd violation – $400 fine 60 days to correct 3rd violation – $600 fine 180 days of uncorrected violations – placard uninhabitable Uninhabitable property must be boarded and registered with city

Uninhabitable property/boarded registration 1st year registration – $2,000 fee 2nd year registration – $4,000 fee* After 2 years of being boarded property will be down zoned
to R-1 single family
3rd year registration of boarded property – $6,000 fee

Foreclosure Property with city liens equal to 70% of assessed value
will be subject to foreclosure

Property uninhabitable for 3 years is subject to foreclosure