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At the July, 2012 ICON meeting, Abby Walden, new Director of Recycling for Springfield, Joan Walters, moderator of the Zero Waste program, and Marie Streenz, Community Relations Director for Midwest Fiber, a privately owned recycling (harvesting) company in central Illinois offered a “vision” of seeking “zero waste” that has become an integral part of the ICON vision.

The following is a quote received from Fred Puglia, “Vision Is the Art of Selling What is Invisible to Others”… Jonathan Swift

Joan and Marie have provided their information for our use:

A Brief History of Recycling by Joan Walters, moderator of the Zero Waste program.

Recycling Works from Marie Streenz, Community Relations Director for Midwest Fiber
The role of the recycling industry in the zero waste economy with an inside look into a Material Recovery Facility.

Midwest Fiber still considering drop-off sites

Tim Landis, SJ-R, August 20, 2012

  A drop-off recycling facility in Springfield remains a possibility, says Mike Shumaker, vice president of operations for Midwest Fiber Recycling.  The company took over collection and processing of recyclables through the Green Business Network of Springfield in June. Network coordinators said the previous partner, DTK, was unable to accommodate the growing volume. As part of the new partnership, a drop-off facility at 11th and Madison streets closed.

“We’re definitely looking,” said Shumaker. “It probably would include a building and processing center, and would create some jobs.” Midwest just marked the one-year anniversary of a new, single-stream recycling facility in Normal. In the first year, more than 49.1 million pounds of recycled material was processed, according to the company.


Green Business Network of Springfield
The Green Business Network of Springfield is holding a membership drive to expand to a critical mass in order to achieve their goals.  If you join the GBNS now, you can still do so for $25 – membership fees will increase this fall.  Please consider joining the GBNS and reach out to your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues in our community to ask them to join GBNS and support recycling in Springfield.

GBNS active projects include:

  • Recycle Springfield
  • Green Certification
  • Better Bag Project
  • Green Procurement
  • Battery Project

Description of the benefits of membership
GBNS membership form website

Please join and spread the word about GBNS!

Illinois Green Economy Network
Adapted from Wynne Coplea’s presentation to the Citizen’s Club of Springfield 7/27/2012:
Benefits of Zero Waste in Action:

  • Resources saved
  • Service $$ expenses saved
  • Greenhouse gasses reduced (see EPA WARM model)
  • Community sectors engaged
  • Participants take personal responsibility for their own materials/choices
  • Improved community image
  • Attractive to young professionals

Zero Waste Program Possibilities:

  • Maximum reuse, maximum reduced
  • More recycling, greater number/type items, greater number/type of collection bins
  • Composting, including Food Scraps (Soil Production)
  • Responsible reuse/repair & recycling of special items, e.g. electronics, household waste
  • Less landfilling; virtually no incineration
  • Remember: “A big enough pile of anything is worth something to somebody!”

Read more at the IGEN website:
Download / view the slide deck from the presentation 7/27… (PDF 2.6mb)

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Wynne Coplea, Director of College Partnerships
IL Green Economy Network