Springfield Vacant Lots for Sale by City – deadline 3pm on 2/21/2019!

Download the RFP as a pdf with all properties and conditions…

Over the past 5 years, the City of Springfield has been aggressively targeting blight and deterioration in the City’s older neighborhoods through demolition of vacant buildings with
significant code violations. To date, the City has demolished nearly 430 buildings. The City has developed a Land Disposition Program to facilitate the recycling of these properties.

The goals of this program are to:

  • Encourage the development and reuse of vacant properties consistent with the City of Springfield’s Comprehensive Plan, and other City-approved and accepted plans
  • Support City goals of neighborhood revitalization and economic opportunity
  • Empower residents to invest in their neighborhoods
  • Return vacant lots and structures to productive use
  • Encourage timely, equitable and transparent transactions and development
  • Strengthen the City’s tax base

If you are a home or business owner that lives next to a vacant lot that shares a common boundary with your property, you may qualify to be a Side Lot Applicant. Eligible Side Lot
Applicants can purchase up to 3 adjacent lots and do not have to sign a redevelopment agreement. Side Lot Applicants must meet all other criteria of the program. If no eligible Side Lot Applicant applies, all other applications will be considered and will be awarded based on a combination of price and proposed land use.

Preference will be given as follows:

  • Adjacent property owner (physically contiguous to an adjacent purchaser’s property, with no less than a 50% common boundary)
  • Property owner on the street or block
  • Neighborhood Association or other organization that is actively involved in the neighborhood
  • Other nonprofit organization
  • All others

Please note there is a minimum bid of $500.00 per parcel required (minimum bid, is the minimum bid required for purchase. Applicants can choose to bid higher for property if desired, price is not the only factor in bidding, but will be considered.)


Each parcel is a vacant lot and will be sold “as is”. The common address, legal description, parcel identification number, and present zoning classification for the development of each of the parcels is included in Attachment A – RFP Property List.

The purchaser of any parcel will be responsible for maintenance of it, including grass cutting and weeding, and keeping it free of trash and other debris. The parties submitting successful proposals will be required to enter into an agreement for the sale of real property. Separate proposals must be submitted for each of the described parcels, except were contiguous parcels, in which case offers for up to 3 contiguous parcels may be made as one proposal.

Interested parties are not required to submit a proposal for all of the described parcels.


Price will not be the only factor determining the successful bidder on any parcel.
Location/Affiliation of bidder will be determined based on adjacent property owner, property owner the street or block, neighborhood association or other. Price must meet minimum bid requirement and can be a determining factor if more than one bid is received for the same property. The proposed use of the land shall be one that enhances the neighborhood in a positive manner.

The proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Location/Affiliation of Bidder 50 (points or %)
    Price 25 (points or %)
    Use of Land 25 (points or %)

If multiple proposals are submitted for the same property and evaluated scores are equal, preference will be given to the adjacent property owner with the longest tenure.
The City reserves the right to accept the proposal that is most advantageous for it. Each respondent must include a detailed description of their intended use of each parcel they wish to purchase. A committee of City staff will review all applications and a contract may be awarded at any time after the initial submission period. The City reserve the right to deny any proposal that is incomplete, does not meet specifications, or does not support the goals of the program.


Payment must be made by Certified Check, Official Check, Bank Draft, or Cash. Personal checks or personal money orders are not acceptable.

RFP CS19-29 Sale of Real Property 2019

All debt owed to the City must be paid prior to payment and release of deed.
If the City determines you owe a debt we will send notice to pay or dispute the debt. If you have a common name the City may contact you for additional identifying information including but not limited to your social security number, state identification and/or date of birth.


Applications must be submitted to the Office of the Purchasing Agent, Municipal Center West, 300 S 7 th St, Room 210, Springfield IL 62701 by 3:00 p.m. Central Time on Thursday February 21, 2019. Beginning June 1, 2019, the request for proposals for each of the attached properties not sold during the initial proposal period will remain open until February
28, 2021.

Proposals/Applications submitted during this time will be non-competitive, in that a contract may be awarded at any time by the City to the party whose proposal is found to be in the best interest of the City of Springfield. The City reserves the right to deny any and all proposals and applications and waive any informalities or irregularities in the proposals. The City further reserves the right to review and study any and all proposals and to make a contract award at any time prior to February 28, 2021 on the properties included herein.