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Angel Sides – Candidate for Ward 4ICON 2019 Questionnaire Response Angel Sides…

Angel Sides believes in listening to constituents and taking pride in her work and working hard for life achievements. Angel is a teacher and an activist. She has campaigned for several politicians and considers herself an Independent candidate. She is a graduate from the University of Illinois Springfield. Angel is the Precinct Committeemen for Capital Township 9. As a Precinct Committeemen, Angel believes in walking precincts and informing the neighborhoods on the critical issues that affect them. Angel believes in an open line of communication with constituents to make sure neighborhood issues are addressed. Angel believes in preservation and beautifying the city and she has restored and flipped several houses in the Washington Park and Lincoln Park neighborhoods.

Angel was one on tens of thousands of protesters who were arrested in Washington D.C. and illegally held in a bunker in a unified effort to get big money out of politics. The gathering was called Democracy Springs and included Code Pink, Wolf PAC, and The Young Turks and like Martin Luther King, they were arrested for standing up for what they believe in. Angel is also an environmental and health care activist. Angel is interested in a local resolution that can be passed city by city to get big money out of politics.  (

Ward 4 Candidate Angel Sides believes in listening to constituents and taking pride in her work and working hard for life achievements. For the last ten years, Angel has produced political commentary on Free Speech TV about how our mainstream media is corrupted. Angel believes the people of this country need to be aware of the problems of the world in order to solve those problems. She also believes when corporations sponsor our media, they will report very little on a subject, when it affects corporate America’s bottom line. Angel has taken her desire to teach to air a commentary on access 4, considering, there is only one publicly funded television network left airing in this country right now. (

Angel believes the main stream media tries to divide Democrats and Republicans. Angel believes in unity and that we should not consider each other the enemy, when most all Americans are good people. She thinks people should come together based on the issues because when polled the majority of people want the same thing. Angel wants to unify and take a consensus of the people of ward 4 to not just vote on local resolutions put forth, but also propose legislation to make our city a better place to live. Locals need to come to meetings or email Angel at or 217-502-9378 with any suggestions or ideas.

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