Erin Conley – Ward 8

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Erin Conley – Candidate Ward 8

(217) 220-2959
2828 Crown Point
Springfield, Illinois, 62704

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ICON endorsed Erin Conley for the 2019 election

“…founding member and president of Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association; an experienced and dedicated public servant, well-educated on issues; willing to reach out and listen to constituents; supports balanced development, diverse housing and improvements to garbage collection…”

Erin has lived and worked in Springfield for over 21 years. She is married to Mark Butler, an elementary teacher with District 186. Their five children are all graduates of Springfield High School.

Erin is running for Ward 8 Alderwoman to ensure that the City of Springfield meets its commitment to all of Springfield’s neighborhoods.

As Alderperson, Erin will bring her 20 years of professional government experience to make sure that core city services are provided to Ward 8 residents. She will also work to ensure that Springfield City Council is fiscally responsible, and that CWLP services remain safe, efficient, and reliable.

While Erin does support growth and expansion, she believes that city officials need to balance any such growth with a commitment to maintaining and improving Springfield’s existing neighborhoods.

Erin’s Professional Experience

  • Rules Coordinator, Illinois Pollution Control Board (1999-2008): Worked on regulations dealing with all aspects of environmental issues including water, land and waste, and air quality.
  • Project Manager, Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (2008-2018): Assisted small businesses by providing the support and tools needed to navigate complicated State and federal environmental requirements; Served on numerous national committees advocating for small businesses throughout the State.
  • Rules Coordinator, Department of Public Health (2018-Present): Work with rules that address topics ranging from long term care facilities to the Illinois plumbing code.

Community Service

  • School Board Member/President, Springfield District 186 – 2005-2009
  • Founding member of the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association
  • Parent volunteer in Springfield School District 186
  • Volunteer as GED tutor through the Fishes and Loaves adult education program
  • Soccer Coach for YMCA League

Erin’s Vision for Springfield


I will work to support:

  • regular repair cycles and basic maintenance
  • snow-ploughing and salting
  • street sweepers
  • improved tree-trimming schedules


Erin Conley – Candidate Ward 8 - with husband Mark Butler and their pet dogs in their neighborhood

We all need walkable, well maintained sidewalks that encourage people to get outside – spend time with kids, exercise, and walk dogs. A neighborhood with a healthy sidewalk network is one where people can be more involved, engaged, and connected.

It’s also important that sidewalk repair work is done in a manner that respects our lawns. I will carefully review sidewalk maintenance contracts to see that we include the requirement to repair lawns after sidewalks have been repaired.


Too many streets in Springfield experience routine flooding after heavy rainfalls. The city needs to make sure that it is dedicating resources towards maintaining and improving our existing sewer infrastructure. This is a daunting but vitally important task.

Neighborhood Safety

Ward 8 encompasses a diverse mix of neighborhoods from the Historic West Side down to Koke Mill. This diversity brings with it a wide range of issues. As I knock on doors and speak with residents in my ward, I’m hearing some common safety concerns:

  • No sidewalks on busy streets
  • Cars speeding through residential neighborhoods
  • Vacant & unsafe properties
  • Home & auto break-ins
  • Poorly lit streets
  • Increased traffic on major thoroughfares

As alderwoman, I’ll work tirelessly to address these infrastructure and safety issues, and serve as an active and engaged advocate for all residents and neighborhoods of Ward 8 and the city as a whole. ~ ERIN

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