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Misty Buscher, Mayor

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ICON Mayoral Candidate Interviews 2023 Misty Buscher.
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(217) 553-7071
3105 Superior Drive
Springfield, Illinois, 62707

I am running for Springfield’s next Mayor because I know I am the best candidate for the job.  I am the most open and transparent candidate.  I will not hide records, policies or procedures from the public.  I have found this to be the case with this Mayor and his administration since I have been elected Treasurer in 2015.  I myself, have had to FOIA documents from the current Mayor and his administration to gather information.  The lack of transparency, the lack of attention to our crumbling infrastructure in our older neighborhoods, the lack of growth and development of new businesses and industries, the lack of leadership with our homeless population and the lack of effort to beautify our city are some of the reasons I made the decision to run for Mayor.  I am a proud Northend resident of the City of Springfield, I will fight for the causes that ICON believes in as they align with my beliefs of what can be done to move this great city forward.

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