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“…a founder of the Faith Coalition for the Common Good; familiar with older neighborhood issues; supports garbage reform…”

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6401 Bent Tree Ct., Springfield, IL 62712

Born in North Little Rock, Arkansas and the product of Little Rock Public Schools, T. Ray McJunkins, is distinguished as a strong and decisive leader. Being raised in the South, and having lived in both Longview, Texas and Salina, KS before settling in Springfield, IL, he has an acute awareness of the struggles people face no matter where they reside.

McJunkins, a 16-year resident of Springfield and the proud father of Marleachia and Chelsea, his educational background includes an Associate Degree in Management from Capital City Business College in Little Rock, Arkansas; BA in Business Administration, Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina, Kansas; Christian Counseling Therapist certification from Christian Bible College and Seminary, Independence, Missouri; and a BA and MA in Christian Ministry from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri.

Also, he is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he served for four years. He received an Honorable Discharge as a Non-Commmissioned Officer and was awarded the Air Force Good Conduct Medal and other ribbons. Most recently, his oldest daughter, Marleachia, joined the National Guard, which furthers the McJunkins’ tradition of duty to our country and fellowman.

Aside from his military tenure, McJunkins has nurtured his belief in standing up for those who have no voice. Through his insight of the conditions facing the people of Central Illinois, he co-founded the Faith Coalition for the Common Good, whereby he is consistently addressing injustice and inequality. When he is not working on social justice issues, he serves as the lead pastor of Union Baptist Church of Springfield. Since his administration started 16 years ago, he has led his parishioners through expansion projects and many opportunities for community outreach.

In the past, McJunkins has been engaged in numerous leadership roles including board memberships such as the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., the United Way of Central Illinois, and the Urban League of Springfield. Notably, while living in Salina, KS, he was appointed by Judge David Knudson to the Saline County Foster Care Review Board. Most recently, he ended his tenure as president of the Wood River Congress of Christian Education. Currently, he is a member of the American Legion Post 809 and the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge #3. In addition, McJunkins is very active in the Mu Delta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. promoting scholarship and leadership among young men in Central Illinois.

T. Ray’s Vision for Springfield


Springfield, the capital of the fifth largest state in America, is not without its challenges. Like many other cities in the United States, large or small, there are issues with job growth which affect the overall economy. McJunkins understands this and has worked to support the efforts of developing training programs in Central Illinois.

Attracting New Businesses

McJunkins understands that in order to boost the economy of the city, we have to do a better job of attracting new businesses including small ones. It is vital that the citizens are well trained to meet the needs of the companies that can hire them. Partnering with area community colleges and universities, will provide the training needed to secure the jobs that the citizens of Springfield need and deserve.

Improve Our City’s Infrastructure

McJunkins asserts we must make steps to improve our streets and roads to be more accessible to industry and more accomodating for you and your family. Not only are the conditions of the roads an issue, but improvements to the water systems, sanitation processes, recycling programs, and much more need attention. In addition, broadband access has been a problem throughout the state impeding us from benefitting from technological advancements. With these efforts, more jobs can be created in construction, information, and other industries that are noted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics as the lowest performing business sectors in Springfield, which would benefit our economy as a whole.

Equitable Opportunities for All Citizens

McJunkins understands that minorities and women are underrepresented when it comes to acquiring municipal contracts. He believes that through a concerted effort, more local qualified minorities and women would be able to obtain these opportunities. Through more training and assistance, there would no longer be a disportioned number of these businesses owned by these groups being overlooked. The more we support them, the better our local economy will be, which affects us all.

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