Rental Property and Inspection

Sec. 5-521.  Registration is required (a) for every owner of a lot, or lots upon which is located an occupied or vacant dwelling, (b) except if the property in question is occupied by an immediate family member, which means a parent, sibling, spouse, or child of said owner

Sec. 5-528.  Exemptions to the registration ordinance include hotels, motels, hospitals, and units of local government or governmental agencies not subject to the housing code, building code, or zoning ordinance of the City of Peoria and owners who occupy single-family dwellings or duplexes shall be exempt from filing the registration statement required under section 5-521

The Peoria registration program is not designed for property (single or duplex) in which the owner resides. It is for rental property that is not occupied by the owner. This does not mean single family owned and occupied homes are not subject to inspections and code requirements, it simply means that single family, owned and occupied homes are not included in the registration program.