Springfield City Finances

Did you know, one year after the revelation the City had not collected $2.6 million of fines and fees, nothing has been done to rectify the situation?

Almost one year ago to the day, it was reveled the City had over $2.6 million of uncollected fines and fees. Some of these receivables where due from City employees.

In May of last year, City Treasurer Langfelder provided a series of recommendations to Mayor Davlin and the City Council regarding steps to centralize the accounting and collection process for accounts receivables. As of the February 2011 Council meeting no ordinances have been prepared to even review and discussion the problem.

When asked if the awards in the court ordered settlement could be garnished to get the $25,000 owed the City, Corporate Council indicated it didn’t believe so!

At a time when everyone realizes $25,000 is almost two thirds the salary of some employees about to lose their jobs, it should be crystal clear how important it is to collect money due the city for services and violations .

Did you know unenforced collection of fines and fees affects the quality of life in the older neighborhoods?

Since the majority of the fines and fees are associated with problems emanating from the older neighborhoods, it is critical to these neighborhoods that the City actively enforces the collection of financial penalties to help reduce , if not eliminate, those violations.

If the fines are not collected, violators are not punished! If violators are not punished, violations will increase. Increased violations of city codes and ordinances diminishes the quality of life in the older neighborhoods and increases the financial drain on the city’s budget!

Did you know that the City of Springfield has not collected $2.6 million dollars of fines and fees

  • that the City Council passed the following resolution on March 30, 2010, “The City is owed debt for delinquent fines and fees and the City Council is desirous of recommending the use of a collection agency to collect the debt owed to the City”
  • 2010-131 A Resolution Recommending Debts Owed To The City Be Collected Through
  • The Use Of A Collection Agency (Requested By Ald. Edwards) (Committee Of The Whole)
  • that as of the end of August nothing has been confirmed

Did you know that there is no central collecting point for the City

  • that different departments are responsible for their own accounting and collection
  • that a substantial number of delinquent fines belong to city employees
  • that the City still issues permits to individuals and companies that have delinquent fines

Did you know that in May, City Treasurer, Jim Langfelder provided the Mayor’s office and City Council a number of suggested procedures that could correct or minimize the number of unpaid fines and fees

  • that included the centralization of all accounts through a Chief City Collector
  • that recommended establishing a centralized data base of all outstanding fines and fees
  • that proposed the establishment of a Code Hearing Department which would concentrate on violations related to weeds and grass, and accumulation of garbage and trash
  • that would expedite the prosecution and correction of these violations as a separate and distinct hearing process
  • that garbage and trash collection be a mandatory residential service of the City billed through CWLP
  • that a memo of understanding be signed off by all City employees stating they understand the severity of not paying city fines and fees