Crime-Free Housing Ordinances: middle ground leaves room for partnership & improvement

Attached is an article from the October 2014 issue of the Illinois Realtor newsletter.  Although the article – by Assistant Director of Advocacy and Local Issues Mike Scobey – argues against some local Crime-Free Housing Ordinances, several statements are in sync with ICON’s goal of improving the quality of life for residents in older neighborhoods:

  • Rental properties where there are recurring criminal activities can and should be identified.
  • Police resources and other municipal resources should focus on properties with frequent crime.
  • When a crime occurs on a property, the police should inform the property owner.
  • An automated reporting system can work in tandem with a building registration requirement.
  • With registration, the municipality can collect essential information from the owner to establish a point-of-contact for each residential rental building.

Just that much would be an improvement in Springfield.

ICON is eager to partner with realtors and landlords in uplifting good landlords and rental properties while limiting the impact of problem property owners and residents on their neighbors and the property values of homes in our older neighborhoods.

Download the article… (PDF)