Act NOW!

Are you asking yourself, what can I do, where do I start? Well, everyone and every neighborhood is in a different stage, but here are some suggestions…

Get to know your “Municipal Trifecta”

Get to know your “Municipal Trifecta” for the most effective team for action. The three of these individuals working together is a powerful tool in affecting change and carrying the momentum of an issue making it a priority for the city of Springfield.

Take More Action!

  • Join us – ICON membership is an easy & inexpensive way to show your support for Springfield’s core.
  • Attend a monthly ICON meeting. meeting notices…
  • Get informed about inner city issues, candidates for local elections and then vote smart!
  • Research and submit policies, ordinances, practices and laws in other like cities supporting the direction of ICON for our older neighborhoods. Reference the city and detail the ordinance, provide a contact in the respective city if available for follow-up research.
  • Volunteer with ICON: help compile statistics, research, write policy, attend city council meetings and much much more.
  • Nominate cheers – kudos to people doing great work on inner city / older neighborhoods!
  • Nominate jeers – raspberries to absent property owners, fly dumpers, boarded up buildings, politicians who fail to support our core city!
  • Email photos that illustrate the charm, history, diversity & character of your neighborhood. Email photos representative of your neighborhood. Before and after photos are especially welcome.
  • Find your Neighborhood Association and get involved!
  • No neighborhood association where you live?  Start one with ICON’s help…