ICON’s Agenda

ICON’s mission is to improve the quality of life for Springfield residents in inner city older neighborhoods.

ICON’s Vision

ICON preserves, improves and promotes older neighborhoods, whose residences and businesses reflect a commitment to a safe, attractive, viable, livable environment for residents and entrepreneurs.
ICON supports and partners with community leaders and promotes the election of government leaders who share ICON’s vision and who actively work to enhance the appeal of residential neighborhoods with intentional residential and commercial development.

What is ICON’s Agenda?

6 Votes for Vision

It takes 6 votes on the Springfield City Council to make real change for the City of Springfield.
ICON believes in proactive, efficient government, not just reacting to the same old problems.
Just because it is not currently being done in Springfield doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea!

Ban Blight

In 2012, ICON successfully worked for changes to the problem properties ordinance.
ICON believes good property owners, good landlords and all of Springfield benefit when property is maintained according to City code and problem property owners are held accountable.
To fix ongoing long-term problems with problem and absentee property owners, the City needs to consistently and proactively enforce problem property laws, efficiently and legally foreclose on problem properties, and register non-owner occupied properties to provide a point of contact for complaints and legal action.
See our Problem Properties: Responsible Property Ownership page for more details…

Clean Up, Springfield!

Springfield is NOT a clean city. All residential properties in Springfield are required to have garbage service, but we estimate over 3,000 don’t, and they leave their garbage for neighborhood leaders and the City to pick up. As a result, taxpayers and concerned citizens pay for picking up garbage for these “garbage scofflaws”.
ICON believes that City government is responsible for the health of all residents by removing garbage and waste from all areas of the City regularly, proactively, and efficiently.
Private waste haulers should collect garbage and waste from every residential property in the City and be accountable for specific consistent levels of service. Moving payment for garbage service to monthly CWLP bills ensures all residents pay their fair share and taxpayers don’t end up subsidizing lawbreakers.

Reduce & Recycle

The City of Springfield incurs costs for landfill space and infrastructure maintenance costs as garbage trucks travel alleys and streets. At the same time it’s more expensive to collect and store garbage forever, much of what’s discarded can be recycled as valuable material – in some places people are even paid for their recycling!
ICON believes that recycling is key to reducing costs AND keeping the City cleaner.
Reduce the mess at home, cut recycling time, and pay for one less garbage can with single stream recycling. Recycling fees are now paid to CWLP, ensuring all Springfield residents not only share the benefits but also the cost of yard waste and branch pickups, recycling, hazardous waste collections and large item pickups.

Nix Inconsistent Zoning

Every zoning variance opens wide the door to additional changes in the character and property values of a neighborhood because, in fairness, the City Council can’t give a variance to Peter and not to Paul. Inconsistent zoning variances damage the long-term stability and property values of neighborhoods.
ICON believes in consistent zoning that conforms to City Plans and to area Master Plans and preserves the character and property values of residential neighborhoods and moderate-use commercial areas.
Citizens must be vigilant, understand zoning, and intervene early and consistently in zoning issues.

Facts, not Fallacy

ICON meetings are a “clearing house” for information related to contemporary challenges of the City.
ICON supports neighborhood and City leaders who have a vision for Springfield, and partners with like-minded organizations to make a difference in Springfield.