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What is a PAC and Why Should We Care?

In Wikapedia the definition of a PAC is: In the United States a Political Action Committee, or PAC, is the name commonly given to a private group, regardless of size, organized to elect political candidates or to advance the outcome of a political issue or legislation. Legally, what constitutes a “PAC” for purposes of regulation is a matter of state and federal law. The regulating authority in the State of Illinois is with the State Board of Elections,
www.elections.il.gov. ICON came together to move issues forward on behalf of Springfield’s Older Neighborhoods, this is best done in the political arena. One of the founders said it best, “It doesn’t matter how much I care when I am not the one voting on the issues.” Walla, the light bulb turned on.

Download the ICON ByLaws… (PDF)

“All it takes is 6 votes!”

In section 6.8 of the City of Springfield’s City Council’s Rules of Procedure, Committee Review it states: “The Committee of the Whole shall take such action as it is necessary to review the ordinances and resolutions before the committee and may adopt
such amendments as the committee deems appropriate for each ordinance or resolution. A vote of six members of the committee shall be necessary to take committee action. If the committee takes action on an ordinance or resolution by recommending “to approve” or “not to approve,” the ordinance or resolution shall be submitted to the Council for final action at the next meeting of the Council…”

Springfield City Council

Chuck RedpathWard 1 redpath.chuck@mhsil.com
*Herman A. SenorWard 2 hsenor1@gmail.com
*Doris TurnerWard 3 cdt2100@aol.com
*John N. FulgenziWard 4 johnsandyf@hotmail.com
*Andrew ProctorWard 5 andrewproctor81@outlook.com
*Kristin DiCensoWard 6 kdicenso@yahoo.com
*Joe McMenaminWard 7 joeforward7@aol.com
*Kris TheilenWard 8 kris.theilen@gmail.com
Jim DonelanWard 9 jimdonelanward9@gmail.com
Ralph HanauerWard 10 hanauerward10@gmail.com

* Indicates Aldermanic Wards that are Old Neighborhoods

ICON Resources

Contact your City Leaders (PDF)
ICON Quick Guide: City Council & Committee of the Whole (PDF)
Springfield Interactive Map

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